What our clients say about us


“HCM Insider takes care of our valued clients ensuring they are in good hands. Our clients are our most prized asset and the hardest thing to earn or replace, so we’ve always been reluctant to introduce 3rd party service providers since we don’t want factors out of our control to potentially lead to an outcome that would reflect poorly on our firm. HCM Insider has earned our trust that our client’s best interest is always placed first and that promises are kept.”

Linda M.

Founder & President, Employee Benefit Broker (NY)

Subject Matter Expertise:

“HCM Insider is an extension of our agency and helps us keep abreast to the latest technology solutions that add value to our clients. Combined with our 35+ years of client relationships, the resources and value added services HCM Insider brings to the table give us the resources of a modern/ digital agency with the personal touch and service only we can provide. HCM Insider helps our clients automate manual administrative tasks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and connect all their systems up to reduce manual errors which saves our clients time and money and reflects well on us for having made the introduction, a win-win!”

Robert S.

Founder & President, Employee Benefit Broker (NY)

Marketplace Understanding:

“HCM Insider really understands the PR/ HR/ Benefits tech marketplace & what providers are suitable based on the needs and culture of a company. I appreciate the objectivity that always results in the right fit for the client based on their needs and without any sales agenda. That has built the trust in this relationship that has fueled our work together.”

Brendan H.

Retirement Plan Advisor (NY)

Technology Architecture:

“In the past many of my clients managed payroll, HR, benefits and 401K on their own and had lots of issues sending data back and forth that even got some groups into hot water with the dept of Labor for late contributions. HCM Insider has helped multiple clients of mine consolidate these components into a single integrated solution that is eliminating a lot of data entry and ensuring plan data gets to where it’s needed on time, ensuring compliance, mitigating risk and saving time and money.”

Sergio R.

Founder and President, Retirement Plan Advisor (NY)

PEO Alternatives:

“Many groups we know are in PEO arrangements that might have made sense at one time but no longer do based on company growth. HCM Insider has been a great resource to unwind these plans and place subject matter experts on employee benefits with our retirement plan advisory and tie it all together with an integrated solution that meets the benchmark set by the PEO provider offering technology, benefits and 401K, only now, more effectively and affordably for the client.”

Damon M.

Co-Founder and President, Retirement Plan Advisor (NY)

Consultative Approach:

“I was struck early on by the Consultative approach from HCM Insider. The focus was always on the needs and challenges of our client and solutions were identified, explained and demonstrated. The focus is always on problem solving and never feels like selling which we all appreciate. We consistently get great client feedback from groups that work with HCM Insider and will bring them in without hesitation in the future.”

Philip J.

Founder & President, Employee Benefit Broker (NY)