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Employee Benefits, Retirement Plans, HCM Consulting


Employee Benefits

– Group Medical Insurance
– Ancillary Voluntary / Worksite
– Benefit Administration
– Enrollment Services

Retirement Plan Advisory & Administration

– Advisory
– Record Keeping
– ERISA Compliance
– 360 Plan Integration


HCM Consulting

– Core Competencies
– HCM Services
– Ongoing Service Team



"HCM Insider takes care of our valued clients ensuring they are in good hands. Our clients are our most prized asset and the hardest thing to earn or replace, so we’ve always been reluctant to introduce 3rd party service providers since we don’t want factors out of our control to potentially lead to an outcome that would reflect poorly on our firm. HCM Insider has earned our trust that our client’s best interest is always placed first and that promises are kept."

Linda M. Founder & President, Employee Benefit Broker (NY)

"HCM Insider really understands the PR/ HR/ Benefits tech marketplace & what providers are suitable based on the needs and culture of a company. I appreciate the objectivity that always results in the right fit for the client based on their needs and without any sales agenda. That has built the trust in this relationship that has fueled our work together."

Brendan H. Retirement Plan Advisor (NY)

"I was struck early on by the Consultative approach from HCM Insider. The focus was always on the needs and challenges of our client and solutions were identified, explained and demonstrated. The focus is always on problem solving and never feels like selling which we all appreciate. We consistently get great client feedback from groups that work with HCM Insider and will bring them in without hesitation in the future."

Philip J. Founder & President, Employee Benefit Broker (NY)
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HCM Insider

HCM Insider specializes in navigating the complexities of employee benefits, payroll-tax-HR, and administrative compliance, which are continually challenged by shifting laws and regulations. We bring extensive industry experience and a robust network of professionals to guide businesses through this ever-changing landscape.

Our personalized approach considers your industry, business goals, and organizational size, enabling us to craft custom employee benefit and retirement plans to attract and retain top talent. Leveraging our expertise and strategic technology partnerships, we create integrated solutions spanning payroll-HR, benefit administration, retirement planning, tax, and accounting.

These solutions instill confidence by ensuring compliance and providing efficient tools for administrative tasks. This empowers your administrative teams to focus on vital functions like recruiting, retaining, and nurturing your valuable workforce, fostering business growth and employee satisfaction.

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