Core Competencies


Core Competencies

Over the last two decades, our team has served a diverse array of organizations in terms of size and industry. We endeavor to help them find the right solutions based on their unique goals and circumstances so they can serve organizational goals by promoting administrative ease, reducing redundant, error prone manual work and delivering cost and time savings to payroll and HR teams.

We share our knowledge and experience to evaluate, recommend, demonstrate, validate, procure and implement HCM infrastructure.

Our core competencies cover:

Pre-employment background checks

Applicant tracking and recruiting

Digital onboarding for new hires

Document management and disaster recovery

Daily wage access for employees

Performance management


Compensation management

Learning management and development

Benefit administration & Enrollment

Retirement plan integration (360)

General Ledger/ Accounting mapping and integration

Wellness program


Unified PR/HR/ tax filing

Flex plan administration and integration

Community engagement & recognition