Retirement Plan Advisory and Administration


Retirement Plan Advisory and Administration

Finding an advisor with focus and expertise on retirement plans is crucial. Though hard to believe, many advisors managing corporate retirement plans lack necessary experience & are best suited for individual wealth management. Considering the amount of risk and liability placed on a plan sponsor, including personal assets, it is extremely risky to employ an advisor who isn’t well versed in ERISA requirements and the value of 360 plan integration.

What plan sponsors need to understand is the personal liability placed upon them and that employees may sue the employer and the plan sponsor PERSONALLY if it can be demonstrated that the plan’s administrative fees are too high and other similarly performing funds were available. If a plan’s investment performance returned poorer results than similar funds returned and no efforts were made to remediate the situation, that also puts the company and plan sponsor at risk.

Countless companies haven’t benchmarked their plan’s administrative and advisory costs (something that should done every three years) as well as performance leaving them exposed to litigation. This circumstance can be remedied providing the necessary documentation to support a strong defense against these legal actions.


Our Network of Financial Advisors offers expertise in plan design based on the size, assets, and goals of the ownership group and craft plans with consideration to the overall benefit plan.


The focus is on:

With over 60 years of combined experience and over 100 Retirement Plan clients of varying sizes and industries, we have the expertise you need on retirement plans, with a strong focus on corporate 401(k) and 403(B).

We are not in sales; we are in service. That is what we deliver to our clients each day, and pride ourselves on our high touch client relationships.

Our practice decided to focus on working with retirement plans because we know the importance of getting it right. We care about the success of our clients and participants and believe in the power of helping with the huge task of preparing for retirement. 

Protect your organization and yourself as a plan sponsor. Ensure plan design, fund performance, fees, and filings are reviewed annually to document due diligence and ensure compliance standards are always met.

Let HCM Insider’s retirement plan advisor network help provide the necessary expertise to optimize plan performance, cost and plan design while protecting the company and the plan sponsor.