HCM Services


Criteria Evaluation/ Custom RFP build:

It can be challenging to keep up with optimal business practices in the HR world and the evolving tools at your disposal but staying ahead of the curve will make an organization as competitive as possible (especially when combined with the right benefits plan) in the war for talent. HCM Insider can help apply the best business practices to your People related efforts, making them as effective and efficient as possible.

A recruit to retire analysis of procedures and tools will reveal potential areas of improvement. Based on our unique administrative audit we help you execute the first crucial step step of an evaluation which is identifying the areas that need to be addressed and determining which vendors and tools are most suitable to assist. Figuring out the right sized and priced approach with a focus on stewardship of resources will make the most out of your investment with an eye on the future to make sure new systems are suitable to grow into and will keep the finance team happy!


Criteria evaluation/ RFP construction

RPF management

Proposal management

Vendor Demo management

Conversion decision management

Implementation management/ project deployment

Ongoing service team liaison

RFP and Proposal Management:

Now that you’re armed with an incisive RFP that will allow you to qualify suitable providers, it is time to field responses, schedule product demonstrations to assess capabilities, and collect, review and negotiate proposals and contract terms. With the benefit of vast experience and knowledge of the range of terms available, discounting ranges and potential promotions, HCM Insider can help secure the most advantageous terms, most competitive rates and any applicable promotions that might be available. HCM Insider can also facilitate introductions to the most tenured and reliable contacts at the different vendors to ensure the promises made pre-sale, are fulfilled and executed post-sale.

Platform Conversion/ Implementation Management/ Project Deployment

Anyone who’s experienced a PR/HR platform conversion knows that the expectations set pre-sale and the post-sale result can unfortunately diverge. A thorough and successful implementation effort depends on several factors:

1. Diligent and organized client effort and meeting of expectations

2. Sales rep hand off to implementation team including explanation of current state, reason(s) for and expectations of change, client’s feature deployment priority.

3. Consistent and organized vendor resource coordination to synch up all implementation assets and team leader oversight

4. Thorough and accurate data conversion, formatting and data testing for quality control

5. Building a project timeline and roadmap to allow enough time and flexibility to accommodate other client duties and priorities

6. Ongoing project wide updates to provide oversight and progress reports to keep projects on track and address issues or delays before they compound and snowball to create larger problems and delays.

Having collectively overseen hundreds of implementation efforts over the last two decades, HCM Insider can manage all of these tasks to ensure the project is set up to succeed. Any one of these not being properly executed can doom a project to fail.