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HCM Consulting

The PR-HR tech space has enough vendors, products, features and integrations to make your head spin. Name brands, reputation & market feedback can cloud judgment and decisions on what to use and how to deploy it. Many vendors serve a particular niche effectively but sadly try to be all things to all people in the name of revenue growth.

Understanding individual needs based on company size, industry, culture & growth trajectory all factor into selecting the right platform for your company as this is the furthest thing from a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Beyond selecting an appropriate vendor, the single biggest factor determining a successful implementation is unfortunately based on the sales rep you are working with which you have no control over.


This person is your conduit to the service provider and product. They are responsible for thoroughly evaluating your needs & identifying solutions to meet the challenges and improvements you are seeking to make. They must communicate that information to the team delivering your product demo to ensure individual needs are validated during the demo.

They must also carry that over to the implementation team so your priorities and motivation for changing systems are understood, ensuring the features and capabilities that are the catalyst for change are delivered upon.

The salesperson also needs the clout to advocate on your behalf with the implementation team & get the best resources assigned to work on your project so managerial oversight is maintained & attention from department leaders ensures the task is completed thoroughly.

Pricing, promotions, multi-year price guarantees, free months, high pressure tactics and quickly expiring proposals. Having a grasp for discounting levels and understanding the fine print in these proposals can be very difficult and surprises that arise after contracts are signed and implementation is underway can cause major headaches and need to be carefully considered. Caveat emptor.

As an individual consumer who might evaluate systems a handful of times throughout their career, how is anyone supposed to know all of this?